Parallel Play is a sensory gym that offers adaptive, therapeutic and recreational services to children of all different abilities.  Parallel Play’s desire is that each individual child and family will be positively affected by the self-confidence and independence fostered within our walls. It is our belief that every child has a world of potential just waiting to be unlocked-we look forward to being the key to your child’s success!

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  1. This is awesome just wish it wasn’t self pay. I understand but, most families with special needs children don’t have the funds for these extra therapies!


    1. Hi Cori! I totally hear you and understand. I know the prices may be a shock at first, but they were set mindfully and are competitive with other private therapy services offered in the Denver Metro area, as well as with current insurance reimbursement rates. These services are truly therapeutic in nature, complete with goals and objectives and a licensed therapist providing one on one therapy in a sensory rich environment. I recognize that this may not fit in many family’s budgets, but I do have some families that come (and benefit from!) even just one session a month. I am passionate about making these services accessible to a wider community, but also need to do this in a manner that enables us to keep our doors open to serve others for many years to come. We are in the process of figuring out how to work with various insurances to provide services to more families; if you would like to be put on the wait list, please let me know!


      1. Connecting with your local Community Centered Board is a great way to locate resources and sometimes even financial aid to help children with special needs participate in some of these great activities! You can learn more below!


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