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Are you worried about your child?

Does your child have a hard time learning new skills, following directions, climbing on the playground or playing like their friends? Perhaps they don’t seem to feel comfortable in their body, are always moving too fast, never seeming settled or able to calm themselves. Maybe your child lacks confidence, struggles to tolerate or communicate their frustrations or can’t keep their hands to themselves. Are they clumsy, uncoordinated, or fall down a lot?

We know how hard it is to watch your child struggle. We’re here to help. As occupational therapists, we believe that all children have a world of potential waiting to be unlocked- we look forward to being the key to your child’s success.

We help kids unlock their potential


Therapeutic Gymnastics

A licensed therapist will encourage and challenge your child through activities that foster the development of motor planning, behavioral organization, sensory integration, coordination, balance, strength and more. These interventions are provided in a setting that is safe, inclusive and fun! Through the use of ongoing clinical evaluations and specific goals set collaboratively between families and therapists, participants will be able to apply skills obtained in the gymnastics gym to activities of their daily lives. Parents will love watching their child fully engage in therapeutic activities and exercises in an environment that, to a child, just seems like a great place to move, explore and play! We look forward to being the key to unlock your child’s full potential in all areas of their lives.

Adapted Gymnastics

Don’t have an official diagnosis, but still think Parallel Play could help your child? Adapted gymnastics is for you! Our goal at Parallel Play is to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle and to help children of all abilities develop skills required to integrate fully into their homes, communities and peer groups. Through recreational activities, offered in a dynamic sensory gymnastics environment, our clients learn strategies for self-regulation, behavior modulation, as well as strength and endurance. Activities such as rolling, climbing, balance beam, swinging and more help to increase self confidence and bridge the gap to help children integrate into their classrooms and communities.

What other parents say

As a parent to a child with significant cognitive delays we could not be happier with Parallel Play. Rachel comes up with new ideas every week to keep it fresh and fun but still reinforces the skills that my daughter needs to work on. She provides a relaxed and safe environment. We have seen significant improvements since coming to Parallel Play and her accomplishments are to be celebrated-we give thanks to her amazing therapist. We are so fortunate to have them as a resource in our community!

– Mother & Advocate

Rachel is AMAZING. She has been my daughter’s OT for many years. She is incredibly gifted and Parallel Play at the Stanley is such a cool therapy space. We’ve also started working with Emma as well, my daughter loves and benefits from working with both awesome therapists!

― Parallel Play Parent

About us

We are Parallel Play, a sensory gymnastics gym located in the Denver metro Area. We use occupational therapy principles to unlock every child’s potential!



Stanley Marketplace

2501 Dallas St

Unit 260

Aurora, CO 80010

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