Our therapy department is made up of occupational and physical therapists who use clinical, biomechanical, developmental, and sensory based principles to guide one-on-one sessions within a sensory gymnastics setting.

A licensed therapist will encourage and challenge your child through activities that foster the development of motor planning, behavioral organization, sensory integration, coordination, balance, strength and more. These interventions are provided in a setting that is safe, inclusive and fun! Through the use of ongoing clinical evaluations and specific goals set collaboratively between families and therapists, participants will be able to apply skills obtained in the gymnastics gym to activities of their daily lives. Parents will love watching their child fully engage in therapeutic activities and exercises in an environment that, to a child, just seems like a great place to move, explore and play! We look forward to being the key to unlock your child’s full potential in all areas of their lives.

Great news-we now accept Medicaid patients! Due to a high number of new patients, please email us to get on the waitlist for Medicaid based therapies. Therapy services are also offered through private pay and HSA accounts.  Please click below for a complete pricing overview.



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